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From aerobics to walking

“Walking” is an important routine for me now that I am retired.

Through trial and error in different occupations,

I’ve settled down to “walking” and have a walk on a daily basis.

I am going to share with you how important my daily walk is for me

and how it got situated in my life.

I will write about it across several blog posts.

For now, I will start by telling you about my prior experiences

with the occupation of “aerobic exercise”

before I settled down to walking.


In my forties, I was teaching in a university, very busy,

and never participated in any formal physical exercise. 

I felt my physical strength declining and got low back pains repeatedly.

That disrupted my daily life including my job performance.

I decided I needed to find some form of physical exercise in which to participate.

I chose aerobics for my exercise because it looked similar to the mat exercise which was the rare exercise I actually enjoyed in my school days, and thus was my favorite.

I started going to a 40 minutes aerobics class.

It featured whole body stretching and aerobic movement designed to get us breathing deeply and raise our heart rate.

Moving my body enough to feel breathless and with sweaty

was just fun for me and

I was focused and involved in the aerobic exercise.

I went to the class twice a week.

I’ve never felt so refreshed.

After a while, my low back pain disappeared and I recovered

my previous younger level of physical fitness. 

I felt relief from the stress from my daily life.

I was satisfied with my healthy life and so I continued

to participate in aerobic exercise.



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