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A gutsy soccer player


I’ve listened to my friend Yuki about her experience of playing soccer.

Her story showed me how important and meaningful playing soccer is to her.

I was impressed with her story so I named it “A gutsy soccer player”.

Let’s think about playing soccer as an occupation.

Today I will write Yuki’s story

<Yuki is a player in blue uniform>

A gutsy soccer player ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

Yuki is in her early twenties and works as a physiotherapist in a local city.

She was raised in the countryside and played in a kid soccer team

from 8 to13 years old.

She was happy she was playing soccer better than her brother.

Yuki is a petite but agile player and always plays as defense.

She went to a high school good at soccer far away from her hometown

and became an excellent soccer player.


Thinking it would not be possible to become a professional player

economically independent, Yuki chose physiotherapist for her future job.

Meanwhile, for Yuki, there is no life without soccer.

When Yuki was dropped from the captain in the high school soccer team,

she never gave up playing and returned to the position.

She didn’t win her final game but she wanted to bounce back from the bad situation.

In the professional school, she joined in practice with male student soccer players,

but wasn’t treated as an equal player.

Yuki wasn’t happy she couldn’t do her best. 


Yuki works as a physiotherapist and loves her job.

She belongs to a women soccer team and joins team practice

three times a week, enjoys self training, and plays games.

For Yuki, the women soccer team is the best she has had ever before.

Yuki is happy to play in such a team that when she passes a ball

to her teammate with a plan that leads her team to make a goal

in the way as she imagines. 

Yuki calls all her teammates good people.

Almost all of her friends came from soccer.

They say Yuki talks about soccer lots but not talk about other things.

Yuki is satisfied with her soccer centered life.

She knows she couldn’t play soccer someday, then she maybe become a trainer

at that time.

But she wants to play soccer as long as possible.    


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