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Aerobics didn’t last


In my last post I wrote about my great experience of how,               through aerobics, I established a healthy and happy life.

Today I will tell you about what happened next.

I moved to Los Angeles to study occupational science and as a result,

my life environment changed drastically and I faced overwhelming challenge.

Aerobics didn’t last

I went to the University of Southern California to study.

In a good sense, I was one of lots of international students inspired with the historical and academic environment.

But I actually was struggling academically due to the language barrier.

In addition to time in class, I spent most of my time in libraries or in my room reading, writing, or researching.

I always had lots of assignments that made me anxious and stressed me out.

【I enjoyed walking in the neighborhood in Los Angeles. 】

The exercise routine I had developed and followed before moving to the US disappeared totally.

I felt my physical fitness declining and my low back pain came back.

I knew I needed to restart my routine of aerobics exercise and stretching

but I didn’t have enough time to go to an aerobics class.

I looked for a simple exercise that I could do with my busy schedule.

I was not a sporty person so I chose jogging and started it in my neighborhood.

But my low back pain worsened while I was jogging and I couldn’t continue it

as an exercise.

I looked for some other exercise without pressure on my back to stop my low back pain.

I tried walking and stretching.

These exercises did not put a lot of pressure on my lower back.

Every day at five pm, I stopped my studies and went out.

I usually had lot of difficulty making progress in my studies and that worried me

frequently and very much.

Walking outside helped me refresh. I felt myself calm down.

After walking, the stress and anxiety I had felt due to my studies lessened considerably.

I loved the new routine very much.

Walking was also a good excuse for me to leave behinds some of the anxiety and stress from my school work.

It also provided me pleasure.


Later, I didn’t have any low back pain.

While walking, I got new ideas for my academic work that didn’t come

while I was sitting at the desk.

The more stress and anxiety in my academic work lessened,

the more I could focus effectively on it.

I was grateful to my new routine.

In summer I went walking after dinner.

In winter I enjoyed walking in the early evening.

This was the most important and meaningful occupation supporting my life.

I established it as an integral part of my new student life in the US. 


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