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Having a dog


I will talk about my friend Jim’s story of “having a dog.”

Jim is a retiree, seventy years old, living in California.

He is a single man who worked as a state worker.

Jim got a dog a week ago and named Daisy.

Today I will share you Jim’s story.

Then I am going to analyze the occupation of having a dog in the next post.

Having a dog

【Jim’s new partner Daisy】

Jim is not a sociable man and has had various pets.

He says that living with an animal supports the person and the animal

to live a full life.

Until one year ago, he had lived with a Shih Tzu dog, called Jackson,

for seven years.

Jackson had been abused by his first owner, so it was hard

to get close to a man.

It took long time for Jackson to get close to Jim but Jackson has been

a good partner for Jim until Jackson died when he was 16 years old.

In the morning Jackson used to wait for Jim to wake up next to Jim

in his bed.

Jackson used to go anywhere Jim went.

Jackson used to wait in the car when it is not available for a dog to

get in the store.

Jim used to prepare food for Jackson, walk him outside and

take to the groomer and the veterinarian.

In the night, Jackson went to his bed on the floor but later

he moved to Jim’s bed and slept next to him.

Jackson was a calm and peaceful dog and loved to be talked

to by women.

He loved everyone and was loved by everyone.

When Jim lost Jackson, he was depressed.

In 11 months, he decided to get a new Shih Tzu dog who

needed an owner.

Searching for such a dog, he found Daisy in a shelter.

Nobody wanted her because she had cataract in her left eye,

skin trouble all over her body and heart enlargement,

so she was supposed to get euthanasia.

Jim has just decided to adopt Daisy.

He took her to see a vet and she is getting better.

Jim is happy to have Daisy because she is a good girl.

Jim said a dog can be a good partner in good times and bad times.


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