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Making treats


I have listened to my friend Miki about her experience of

making treats with her daughters on weekends.

Her story showed me how important making treats with

her daughters is to all of them.

I want to tell you about her story today.

In the next post, I will share a broader view of making treats

with her daughters on weekends.

Making treats

Miki’s daughters engaged in

making treats with their mother

Miki is a woman in her thirties and has two daughters,

Myu, four-year old and Chie, one-year old.

She is a fulltime occupational therapist.

She works Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday

are her days off.

Her weekdays are packed with daily routines.

She wakes up around 5 am then wakes up her daughters

at 6am.

She feeds her daughters, takes them to nursery,

goes to work, works from 8am to 5pm,

picks up her daughters, takes them home,

feeds and gives them baths, prepares for the next day

and puts them to sleep.

On weekdays, time flies.

She knows her daughters put up with their busy schedule.

On weekends, Miki wants to chill out and have fun time

with her daughters.

Myuu, four-year old, likes playing in a kid’s park but

Chie, one-year old, gets bored in the park.

Miki chose to make treats with her two kids.

When Miki was a child she has enjoyed cooking with her

mother and her sister.

She likes cooking very much, so she wants her daughters to

learn the pleasure of cooking goodies and eating.

She expects Myuu, four-year old, to find an opportunity

to cook when she gets older.

Chie, one-year old, can’t knead or cut dough to make


But Miki wants her to have fun together in her kitchen-

her important place.

Miki and her daughters want to have fun together, but

they doesn’t have time to play on week days.

Miki feels guilty that she has less time to spend with her

daughters because of her job.

Miki wanted her daughters to enjoy making treats as they

wanted, voluntarily.

Miki let Myuu, 4-year old, choose to make whatever she liked,

cookies or popcorn.

When they started making round cookies, Myuu showed Miki

a cooky which looked like a flower.

Miki praised her.

“Woo, that's cool!”

After they made cookies, Myuu said “We made cookies Today,”

Miki was satisfied that her daughter knew she loved her.

Miki thought that her daughter saved good memories of fun time

to make an image of her mother.

She also thought if a kid played alone with her mom while the

kid’s mom was using her cellphone or reading a book next to

the kid, it would be a totally different activity for the kid.

Miki knows by choosing to prioritize spending time with kids

on weekends, she will lose a lot of her personal time.

But she thinks now is the time to prioritize time with her kids. 

She expects to have more personal time later in her life.


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